Merchandising and Promotion Ideas

You already know that eggs are profitable. How much so?

  • Eggs are the 5th largest revenue generator within the dairy case, but the third largest in terms of true profit.
  • Retailers invest less than one-tenth as much in egg inventory than the highest profit generating category (cheese), but make a significantly higher return on inventory investment.
  • For every dollar invested in egg inventory, the retailer generates $50 in true profits.

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One Dozen Best Practices for EGGS

Retailers successfully maximizing egg category sales and profits follow several common practices. Here are a dozen (get it?) of the best.

  1. Make eggs an anchor for your dairy department. Place the egg category at the opposite end from milk to pull customers through the dairy department.
  2. Allocate a minimum of eight feet to eggs to allow enough room for additional variety and specialty items. Place higher margin items at eye level.
  3. Utilize plan-o-grams for stores. Maintain a clean, well-stocked department by restocking and rotating product often.
  4. Cross-merchandise eggs with other categories to create additional volume.
  5. Display eggs in other areas of the store, such as a “quick pick-up” cooler located near the checkouts.
  6. Offer consumers a choice with a variety of sizes, grades and packs.
  7. Make prices easy to find and provide eye-catching POP signage to help draw attention to the category.
  8. Promote eggs throughout the year to maximize sales.
  9. Educate consumers on the many nutritional benefits of eggs.
  10. Target your best customers for egg sales and promotions through loyalty marketing programs.
  11. Make eggs an important part of your overall merchandising strategy.
  12. Drive volume by meeting frequently with suppliers to plan promotions, maximize sales, and leverage periods of oversupply.
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