Egg Shopper Research

In October 2014, the egg industry conducted key research to help gain important insights into an egg shopper’s path-to-purchase at influential retailers including Costco, Kroger and Walmart. Study insights provide a closer look at who is shopping within different retailers, how critical behaviors, drivers, barriers and mindsets differ between key retailers as well as recommendations on touch points that can be leveraged to help influence purchasing decisions including the role of egg packaging. Study highlights include:

  • Price, egg size and package quantity are the top-ranked components of the shopper decision tree.
  • Retailers could benefit from a recommendation on how to better organize egg selection for easier navigation at shelf.
    • An overwhelming egg selection, with too many choices and a lack of understanding of benefits at shelf leads to confusion among shoppers.
    • Shelf displays are seen to be a significant motivator of purchase (falling close behind price and habit).
  • Optimizing packaging can improve the shopper experience and get shoppers to buy more eggs in the near future. Visit Egg Packaging Best Practices for ideas.
  • A perceived lack of “freshness” was revealed to be a main purchase barrier (as freshness was the top purchase driver). More research into this particular insight is being conducted.

Read the full study here

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