Egg-citing Packaging Idea

Square or oval—these are just a few of the shapes and styles of packaging available that easily fit a single hard-boiled egg. There’s even room left over to accommodate a seasoning or sauce packet. See samples below:

Clean Hinged Square Package

Atrium: 21961

Black Oval w/ Lid

Pactiv: Ellipso 4oz Black Combo 500/500

Square Black with Lid

Atrium: 21929 (Tray), 29332 (Lid)

Square black


Increase the visual

Merchandising hard-boiled eggs as Smart Snacks is simple and fun with “Egg Power” labels. The label also gives your packaging an extra safety seal. Stimulate sales with increased visibility. Rock a label!

Egg Power Label

Egg Trends in Foodservice

Spinach Salad

If you think there are more eggs on restaurant menus these days, you are right! Eggs have been ‘on-trend’ in foodservice for a few years now and the Sterling-Rice Group, a food industry trend watcher, recently predicted that 2014 will be the “Year of the Yolk.”1 Savvy school nutrition professionals know that it’s important to offer their customers options that are similar to those they see in restaurants. Parents and staff will be especially impressed with innovative items on your menus and in your cafeteria. Egg trends to watch include:

  • Egg protein on the breakfast plate. The high-quality protein found in eggs continues to grow in popularity at breakfast. Consumers see connections between eating protein, staying fuller longer and lowering excess calories.
  • Eggs Upgrade. Eggs are now paired with other on-trend ingredients – avocados, mushrooms and poultry sausages – as well as new prep techniques like mini-frittatas. AEB’s new recipes will show you how to upgrade eggs at school too!
  • Eggs Keep On (Food) Trucking. Food trucks are focusing on breakfast with items like egg sandwiches on flatbreads and meat proteins paired with eggs in wraps and tacos. These concepts will also be popular with your teen customers.
  • Eggs Go Global. Innovative egg dishes using fresh vegetables, ethnic flavors and spices are more and more popular with both chefs and home cooks. The new AEB recipes offer a variety of flavor combinations to help you go global at school.
  • Eggs as Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Solutions: Eggs are a great meat alternate for vegetarian options at school breakfast and lunch. Since eggs are also gluten free, they offer an easy solution for two common ‘specials’ on your menus.

These trends underscore the versatility of eggs in school nutrition programs: So many menu options, so many on-trend possibilities, so many delicious meals – from one single product, the incredible, edible egg.

1Sterling-Rice Group, 10 Cutting-Edge Dining Trends for 2014,

nutritious and deliciousHard-boiled eggs supply a “nutrient-dense” option for nutritious snacks in schools, according to the USDA Smart Snacks in School Standards. Schools can include hard-boiled eggs as snacks or à la carte items, as long as no fat has been added to them. We've got serving tips, packaging ideas and nutritional information designed to fit federal guidelines. With precooked, peeled hard-boiled eggs, it’s convenient too.

Egg-citing Serving Ideas
Fun and Portable

Hard-boiled eggs make an easy snack for students to grab-and-go or eat on the run. Any number of portable packages can hold a single hard-boiled egg, or one paired with veggies.  We’ve got ideas to share

Egg in Black Oval Container

Perfect Pairing

Eggs have yet to meet a vegetable they don’t like. In fact, one large egg with six grams of high-quality protein pairs perfectly with vegetables to round out a snack and help students feel full longer.*

Egg Pop with Carrot Stick

* According to Smart Snacks standards, a whole, hard-boiled egg without added fat may be combined with veggies, fruit and other exempt foods, as long as calories and sodium limits are met.

USDA Rules> <p> <a href=Check out this link to the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools Standards. You’ll see, hard-boiled eggs are “exempt from the total fat and saturated fat standards, but must meet all other nutrient standards.”

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Snack Pack

Eggs-tremely Versatile

Protein boxes are popping up everywhere, including school cafeterias, and hard-boiled eggs fit right in. Did you know eggs fit into special diets like vegetarians and gluten free, to name a few? Fact is, the protein profile of an egg can help supply that important nutrient for student athletes or students following special diets. You’ll find hard-boiled eggs are a versatile, affordable protein for snacking that satisfies students’ unique dietary needs.

Eggs Get ans A for Protein

Eggs are the “gold standard” upon which all other proteins are compared, because they contain all 9 essential amino acids and are easily digestible. Serving hard-boiled eggs as snacks will earn you good grades from your students!

Eggy report card
dotted line
Hard boiled egg bag
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Smart Snack Sources:
Tools for Schools
Overview: Smart Snacks Standards
Final Rule
Alliance for a Healthier Generation

1. USDA National Nutrient Database
2. Egg Protein as a Source of Power, Strength, and Energy Layman, Donald K. PhD; Rodriguez, Nancy R. PhD, RD, CSSD, FACSM,_Strength,_and.13.aspx

Egg Recipes

American Egg Board presents a new set of appetizing and appealing recipes developed by school nutrition professionals specifically for school lunches. Each showcases hard-boiled eggs prepped in a convenient form either diced, sliced, wedges or whole. Eggs contribute high-quality protein that is a versatile, acceptable and affordable meat/meat alternate. Complete preparation instructions, meal equivalencies and nutrition analysis are provided. Click on the links below.

Spinach Salad

Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect accompaniment to spinach for this vitamin and protein-packed salad option. One six-ounce salad pairs sliced hard-boiled eggs with fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, sweet red pepper strips, dried cranberries and dressing for just 200 calories (11% saturated fat) and 367 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Protein-Packed Veggie Salad

This hearty, healthy lunch salad features wedges of hard boiled egg with Great Northern beans, haricots verts, red-skinned potatoes, fresh tomato wedges and fresh chopped romaine lettuce topped with a robust herb vinaigrette. One 8.7-ounce salad with dressing contains 302 calories (10% saturated fat) and 155 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Shake Up Chopped Salad

Easy to prepare, portion, display and serve, this shake up salad starts with a hard-boiled egg and adds all of the best elements of a salad bar, combined in a handy single-serve container. This salad provides 275 calories (17% saturated fat) and 314 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Protein Box Lunch K-8

A protein packed lunch with a hard-boiled egg powers up students for their studies. Combine a hard-boiled egg with baby carrots, fresh broccoli florets with Ranch dip, a whole-grain bagel, grape jelly and fruit for a filling meal containing 500 calories (8% saturated fat) and 527 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Egg & Ranch Roll Up

Diced hard-boiled eggs blend with shredded Cheddar cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing and sweet red pepper strips inside a soft whole-grain tortilla for this colorful and tasty protein-packed lunch option. Each 4.7-ounce wrap contains just 286 calories (23% saturated fat) and only 330 milligrams of sodium. Read Full Recipe

Bistro Egg Sandwich

Sliced hard-boiled eggs are served on top of mixed baby greens with fresh sliced tomatoes and honey mustard dressing atop a whole-grain Kaiser roll. Create a filling meal for students of all ages. Each sandwich contains 321 calories (10% saturated fat) with 447 milligrams of sodium. Read Full Recipe

Southwest Cobb Salad

Top romaine lettuce with egg and avocado slices, diced tomatoes, sweet corn, seasoned black beans and shredded mozzarella cheese, with salsa ranch dressing and whole-grain croutons. Serve with fresh pear slices, apple juice, whole-grain dinner roll and low-fat milk for a meal containing 722 calories (7% calories saturated fat) and 1057 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Power Pack

Option 1: A la Carte Entrée
Hard-boiled egg, whole-grain pretzel and sliced apples (250 calories, 22% calories from fat, 6% calories from saturated fat, 210 milligram of sodium). Read Full Recipe

Option 2: A la Carte Snack
Hard-boiled egg, small whole-grain pretzel and sliced apples (220 calories, 24% calories from fat, 7% calories from saturated fat, 130 milligram of sodium). Read Full Recipe

Breakfast Boat (K-8): Rated #2 breakfast in survey

Scrambled eggs are served on a bed of chopped redskin potatoes and shredded cheese – a tempting skillet-type breakfast. Served with a whole-grain Mini Bagel, peaches, apples slices and 1% milk, this makes a filling morning meal with 430 calories (10% saturated fat) and 517 milligrams of sodium. Read Full Recipe

Stuffed Pita Eggwich (K-8): Rated #3 breakfast in survey

Cheesy scrambled eggs are folded into a whole-grain Mini Pita, which is wrapped in foil – perfect for a grab-n-go service item. With 1 cup fruit, like a mini-tangerine and sliced strawberry cup, and 1% milk, this makes a complete breakfast with 464 calories (10% saturated fat) and 310 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Southwest Breakfast Taco (9-12): Rated #1 breakfast in survey

Mexican flavors are very on trend – this combo of scrambled eggs, black beans and cheese is wrapped in two fresh corn tortillas and served with salsa, fruit (fresh kiwi wedges and diced pears, for example) and 1% milk. As a high school breakfast, this provides 512 calories (9% saturated fat) and 452 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Two Muffin Breakfast (9-12)

Perfect for a meal-to-go, this breakfast features a Cheesy Broccoli Egg Muffin and a whole-grain, reduced-fat Blueberry Muffin. Served with 100% orange juice, red grapes and 1% milk, the meal provides 477 calories (11% saturated fat) and 476 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Green Eggs and Ham Brunch-for-Lunch (K-8): Rated #3 lunch in survey

Dr. Seuss is popular any day: Scrambled eggs with spinach, turkey ham and cheese are served with a whole-grain flatbread, sweet potato bites, salsa, a petite banana and 1% milk for 653 calories (9% saturated fat) and 1024 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Huevos Rancheros Brunch-for-Lunch: (9-12): Rated #2 lunch in survey

Southwestern flavors are popular for lunch too! Scrambled eggs served with a mildly spicy ranchero sauce, fresh corn tortillas, shredded cheese, chopped fresh cilantro, vegetarian refried beans, Mexican brown rice, orange wedges, raisins and 1% milk for 822 calories (7% saturated fat) and 684 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Very Veggie, Egg & Pretzel Panini

This filling panini starts with scrambled eggs or egg patty, American cheese, baby spinach leaves, sliced white mushrooms and sliced tomato on a pretzel bun. For a complete healthy meal, serve with baby carrots, broccoli florets and ranch dipping sauce, fresh kiwi, diced apricots and low-fat milk containing 751 calories (11% calories saturated fat) and 639 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Pretzel Brunch

Top a pretzel bun with turkey sausage, egg patties and American cheese, red skin potatoes, pear tomatoes and ranch dipping sauce. Serve with orange wedges, fresh apple slices and low-fat milk. One sandwich contains 875 calories (10.5% calories saturated fat) and 843 milligrams sodium. Read Full Recipe

Eggs in the Classroom

The American Egg Board is pleased to partner with some of the nation’s most credible educational companies to build custom content for the Incredible Edible Egg. Our partners include Discovery Education, The Education Center and National Ag in the Classroom.

These companies are committed to helping eggucate tomorrow’s consumers today by creating and promoting educational experiences all celebrating the Incredible Edible Egg. AEB is working with these partners to create practical and ready-to-use materials for K-12 teachers, delivering resources clearly marked with Common Core State Standards that make lesson planning quick and easy.

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