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Breakfast Burrito

Creating Egg-centric Recipes, One Crack at a Time

Schoolhouse Lakeside Union School District, San Diego, Calif.

Their Eggcellent Story:

Lakeside Union School District is always experimenting with new and creative ways to meet school nutrition requirements without sacrificing quality and taste. This year, Sally Spero, Child Nutrition Director at Lakeside Union, and her team developed a new breakfast item that not only meets the whole grain-rich requirement, but also provides a fun and nutritious way to include eggs as a center-of-the-plate protein at breakfast. Served every other Friday, Egg and Toast Cups (bread with an egg and cheese mixture baked in muffin tins) have been an eggcellent addition to their menu. Spero says students in her district respond well to egg-based entrees at both breakfast and lunch ― and serving meals popular amongst her students’ increases meal participation and reduces tray waste.

A different Toast Cup recipe was featured in a cooking magazine that Spero often reads to keep current with new culinary trends. The original magazine recipe was intended for lunch and didn’t contain eggs. But Spero liked the ‘toast cup’ idea. It got her thinking—why not use the toast cup as the base for a breakfast item? Putting her own spin on the recipe, Spero put an egg mixture into bread cups and turned it into a breakfast item for her students.

In order to satisfy the students’ needs and diverse tastes, Spero makes sure to offer menu options that are on-trend, healthy and versatile. And speaking of versatile, the district is currently experimenting with ways to bake an egg and cheese mixture into a patty form that can be used to make breakfast sandwiches. And it doesn’t end there...they also developed two grab-and-go meals using eggs ― one for breakfast and one for lunch. Both are served once a week. Spero summed it all up with, “We love eggs here!” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


The background on this outstanding district:

Lakeside Union School District’s Child Nutrition department is on the cutting edge of the scratch-cooking movement taking place in America’s schools. Moving away from processed foods and adding scratch-made salads, sandwiches, entrees and breads has allowed the program to increase revenues by over 40 percent while maintaining food and labor cost percentages. Neighboring school districts send staff members to LUSD for training, and LUSD staff members frequently speak about the meal program, including presentations to the California School Nutrition Association and the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior. LUSD and its staff have been honored by the USDA Western Region Office and the Humane Society for work in this area.

District Lakeside Union School District
Contact Name Sally Spero
Title Child Nutrition Director, SNS
Enrollment 5,000
ADP 2,500
% Reduced 50%
Number of Sites 9
Central Kitchen Yes
Do all schools have kitchens No
Total Meals Served 660,000
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Success Stories

Farm to School

Farm to School Eggs & Chef’s Partner with Local Schools

Schoolhouse Kittery School District in Kittery, Maine

Their Eggcellent Story:

Small but mighty, this Maine district offers programs and events regularly throughout the year, connecting students with the community and local agriculture. As a result, students love the school gardens and are eager to enjoy local fresh produce.

For the kick off of Maine Harvest Week, Wendy Collins, the School Nutrition Director, decided to offer a made-to-order omelet bar, featuring local fresh eggs and an array of Maine vegetables. To add a fun twist, she enlisted Principal David Foster and visiting local Chef David Vargas as guest chefs for the day.

“We have a visiting chef that helps with our program,” explains Collins. “Chef David Vargas owns his own restaurant and is the executive chef for a few others in the area. Principal David Foster happily agreed to whip up omelets with Chef David. The staff and students were excited!” The kids love seeing chefs, and of course, watching their principal cooking for them was so fun. “We purchased the eggs locally from a business that buys them from farmers in southern Maine.” Collins said she loves adding items to their Farm to School program, and local eggs provided a great protein addition to the program.

Kittery Schools lunch
District Kittery
Contact Name Wendy Collins
Title Kittery School Nutrition Director
Enrollment 1,058
ADP 56%
% Reduced 30%
Number of Sites 3
Central Kitchen No
Do all schools have kitchens Yes
Total Meals Served Average of 685 Reimbursable lunches daily
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