Educational Partners

Learn more about the different partners teaming up with the American Egg Board, as part of its education initiatives, to teach students about where eggs come from and how they get from the farm to their tables

National Ag in the Classroom

National Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture in the classroom programs are implemented by state-operated programs and support these programs by providing a network that seeks to improve agricultural literacy – awareness, knowledge and appreciation among Pre-K – 12 teachers and their students.

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American Academy of Family and Consumer Science

American Academy of Family and Consumer Science

The AAFCS provides leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families and communities in making informed decisions about their well-being, relationships and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

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Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Discovery Education accelerates school districts' digital transition through comprehensive standards-based content, professional development, formative assessment and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement. AEB partners with Discovery Education on lesson plans, activities, virtual field trips and more.

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Future Farmers of America

Future Farmers of America

"Future Farmers of America" was founded by a group of young farmers in 1928. Their mission was to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population. Today, members live the motto Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live and Living to Serve.

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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization for young men and women in Family and Consumer Sciences education in public and private school through grade 12.

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Eggville Escapades Game

Developed by professional educators and designed to align with Common Core standards, Eggville Escapades marks the debut of brand new e-learning tools from the American Egg Board. Engage your students in the learning process with four fun and entertaining, yet educational, games designed for grades 1-3.

Teacher and Students
This game requires Adobe Flash. It is best played on a desktop computer.
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Eggville Escapades System Requirements: This game works best on a desktop computer and requires the Adobe Flash Player.

These games allows students to choose between Feed the Farmer, Farm to Table, Eggs Across the USA or Coop Carnival, to learn and practice language arts, math and social studies skills. Each game incorporates facts about egg production to help raise kids’ awareness about modern agriculture and farmers.

This new e-learning tool joins a portfolio of free lesson plans that are also aligned to Common Core standards. Activities & Eggsperiments also encourage critical thinking skills.

Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips

Since 2012, the American Egg Board has partnered with Discovery Education to bring modern egg farms into today’s classrooms through Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips. Join America’s egg farmers in exploring their farms!

Hertzfeld Poultry Farm

Egg farms, like many others, are rising to the challenge of operating more sustainably. As a fourth-generation family farm in Grand Rapids, Ohio, Tom Hertzfeld II and his family understands the importance of sustainability and managing their ecological footprint. Learn how they conserve and protect the natural resources they rely on to produce eggs.





Creighton Brothers Farms

Explore the ecosystem and food webs of an egg farm and discover how all parts — from the soil to plants to hens to humans — relate to and depend on one another. Plus, learn why this five-generation family farm in Warsaw, Indiana, believes high-quality animal care and environmental stewardship are critical to their business, community and world.





Pearl Valley Eggs

Meet Dave and Ben Thompson, the father-and-son team, behind Pearl Valley Eggs in Illinois. Take a look at their feed mill and pullet barn and learn how egg farmers are working hard to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Willamette Egg Farms

At Willamette Egg Farms in Oregon, Gordon and Greg Satrum, also father and son, take viewers inside their scenic third-generation egg farm for a better look at how eggs move from their farm to our tables.


Hickman’s Family Farm

AEB’s inaugural Virtual Farm Field Trip kicked off at Hickman’s Family Farms in Arizona. Brother and sister Clint and Sharman Hickman are part of the farm’s third generation. Explore their hen house and egg processing plant, robots included!


Egg Reader

America’s egg farmers are excited to share their digital resource - Egg Reader with you and your students. This digital interactive piece tells the hen to home story through a series of interactive questions, puzzles and stories. This Common Core aligned piece helps students understand the different types of birds, eggs and production systems, as well as food safety and egg grades. With several fun challenges, this is a perfect piece for 3rd through 5th grades.

Egg Reader

This new e-learning tool joins a portfolio of free lesson plans that are also aligned to Common Core standards. Activities & Eggsperiments also encourage critical thinking skills

Supporting documentation for claims made in the American Egg Board Digital Egg Reader can be found below:

Page 2 and 3 of the Digital Egg Reader, visit, See pages 11 – 13

Page 4 and 5 of the Digital Egg Reader – Types of Eggs and Specialty eggs, visit

Page 6 of the Digital Egg Reader, Eggsploring Food Safety, visit

Page 6 of the Digital Egg Reader, Specialty Eggs, visit

Page 7 of the Digital Egg Reader - A good for you food, and It’s in the Yolk, visit

When you eat a large egg, you get…visit

Eggs in the News, visit

Page 8 and 9 of the Digital Egg Reader - Eggs are graded too! And Egg Sizes, visit

Pages 10 – 12 of the Digital Egg Reader, Which Came First, the chicken or the egg and From the Farm to your Store visit

Meet America’s Egg Farmers

America’s egg farmers are committed to doing what’s right for their hens, the environment and their communities. Hear straight from America’s egg farmers.

Why I Farm

America’s Egg Farmers
Meet egg farmers from across the U.S.

Bruce Dooyema
Center Fresh Farms, Sioux Center, IA

Bob Krouse
Midwest Poultry, North Manchester, IN

Mark Oldenkamp
Valley Fresh Foods, Woodburn, OR

Dick Patmos
Sunrise Acres Farm, Hudsonville, MI

Paul Sauder
Sauder Eggs, Hershey, PA

Want to meet more of America’s egg farmers? Visit

Eggs 101: A Video Project

The American Egg Board is pleased to present Eggs 101 – A Video Project. Produced by PBS 39 WFWA (Fort Wayne, Indiana), this series is designed to be interesting, educational and easy to use. Choose a chaptered subject below.

A Teacher’s Guide PDF is provided as well and includes supplemental reviews and exercises, and is segmented to correspond to each of the subject chapters below.


For a school video project, Josh and Kenlyn decide to research the egg industry. Their assignment is to find out how the egg industry has evolved over the years. Click below to follow Josh and Kenlyn on their egg journey.

Josh and Kenlyn start with the basics – an overview of the hen and the egg – and conclude with a visit to an egg farm for on-location shooting, where the camera follows eggs from the hen house all the way to the refrigerated trucks for delivery.


Chapter 1


Chapter 2: The Hen


Chapter 3: The Egg


Chapter 4: Egg Farming History


Chapter 5: Road Trip - Purdue


Chapter 6: Road Trip - Egg farm


Chapter 7: Hen House


Chapter 8: Egg Processing


Activity Pages

A variety of activity pages will supplement the lesson plans, from hen-to-home mazes to labeling the parts of the egg, these pages can used for a variety of ages.

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank, without Answers

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank, Answers Key

An Egg’s Journey


Certificates of Rec-egg-nition
Your students and parents will love these take-home notes.


Egg Brush-Up (Video)
What can an egg show you about brushing your teeth? Grades K - 5.

How to Fold an Egg
If you think folding an egg sounds crazy and messy, you just might be mistaken. Grades K-5.

The Naked Egg
Watch an egg shed its shell with this simple experiment that demonstrates an acid-base reaction and osmosis. Grades K-5.

Standing On Eggs
Jaws will drop and eyes will pop when you prove that eggs are way stronger than they’re cracked up to be. Grades K-5.

Strong As an Egg
What does an egg have to do with architecture and strength? Grades K-5.

Egg Drop
Putting an egg into a glass of water sounds like a cinch, right? Grades K-5.

Egg Geodes
Transform a humble egg shell into a gem of a geode. Grades 4-7.

Put an Egg In a Bottle
Amaze your students with an eye-popping demonstration that will help them understand key concepts about air pressure. Grades 4-7.

The Incredible, Chemical, Volcanic and Uncrushable egg (3 eggsperiments)
Have you ever cooked an egg with alcohol, turned an egg into a volcano or had a hard time breaking a raw egg...well today's your lucky day. Grades 4-8.

Make An Egg Float (Video)
You’ve probably heard of a root beer float, but an egg float? Grades 6-9.

Shrinking and Growing Eggs
Two identical eggs — two different results. Look into chemical reactions and permeability. Grades 6-9.


Egg facts

Egg Products & Specifications

Baking with Egg Whites