Incredible Breakfast Trends

The Regional Breakfast Menu

What’s for breakfast truly depends on where you live. While it may seem like the country’s tastes have become homogenous, they’re actually quite diverse. Our latest trend update takes a look at breakfast foods in three areas of the country known for their dynamic food culture — New York City, the Deep South and California.

Infographic: Regional Menu Trends

Trend 1: New York City Melting Pot

The Big Apple is a perfect microcosm of the U.S. melting pot, teeming with a variety of ethnicities. This contributes to a wonderful diversity of breakfast options unique to the area… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: Southern Cookin’

Southern U.S. breakfasts go far beyond the stereotypical biscuits, gravy and grits. Morning menus from below the Mason-Dixon Line are complex and distinct, including quirky options specific to an area’s bounty as well as gourmet fare… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 3: California Sunrise

California enjoys copious sunshine and bountiful year-round fruits, veggies and fresh-squeezed OJ. All these things play a part in California breakfasts, but the Asian and Hispanic influences make morning selections truly unique… READ THE FULL TREND


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