Incredible Breakfast Trends

Put An Egg On It

In response to consumer demand for cleaner labeled, more natural ingredients, eggs are popping up on all manner of food items throughout the day. Eggs also fill the consumer desire for higher protein foods.

Trend 1: MARKET INSIGHT: Egging on protein demand

According to Technomic, 75 percent of people perceive foods high in protein as being healthier, and 39 percent are willing to pay extra for it. Foodservice outlets are taking this research to heart and adding eggs to bolster menu items’ protein contents…READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: OPERATOR INSIGHT: Topping off consumer satisfaction

Egg toppings are often offered at an upcharge. Late 2016 Technomic research shows fried eggs are the most common style used as an add-on option, having risen 6.8 percent in incidence over the past 12 months...READ THE FULL TREND


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