Incredible Breakfast Trends

The New Consumer

In 2015 the consumer landscape will change forever as Millennials replace the Baby Boomer generation as the largest in the U.S. Within this generational shift, there is the growing Hispanic population, which is adding its unique influence. This marks the beginning of a new consumer era. These three prominent demographic groups and their impact on the morning foodscape are examined here.

Infographic: New Breakfast Consumers

Trend 1: Millennial Evolution

Millennials are the first ‘foodie’ generation. They’ve grown up on a steady diet of The Food Channel. Not only do they want to have taste adventures, they want to know the journey their food took to get to the table, what’s in their food… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: Boomers on a Mission

According to population numbers Baby Boomers may be giving up their seat at the head of the table, but they’re still yielding a strong influence with their spending money. In fact, Boomers spend more on away-from-home breakfasts… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 3: Hispanic Table Stakes

As the largest ethnic group in the country, it’s unsurprising to see the expanding cultural influence of Hispanics on eating trends. Within the Hispanic demographic, traditional breakfast fare differs by culture and country… READ THE FULL TREND


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The New Consumer

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