Incredible Breakfast Trends

New Competition

Competition for share of stomach has never been fiercer. For many years, fast food and sit-down restaurants were the only away-from-home dining options. Now the foodservice landscape seems to be in constant motion—literally if you consider pop-ups and food trucks. Here’s a look at two emerging foodservice competitors—convenience stores and supermarkets.

Infographic: Convenient Alternative

Trend 1: A convenient breakfast

C-store operators are capitalizing on breakfast’s popularity to transform people stopping for gas on the way to work into breakfast patrons. And it seems to be having an effect. Mintel’s 2015 report, Convenience Store Foodservice, found 32 percent of those surveyed had purchased a made-to-order breakfast sandwich at a convenience store… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: The rise of the grocerant

Grocery stores began introducing prepared meals in the 1970s, but it would be three decades before the concept got real traction. Today, “grocerants,” defined as grocery stores selling wide arrays of prepared meals, either for eating on site or taking home, are flourishing. According to NPD, while QSR dinner sales have declined, eating dinner at grocery stores rose to...READ THE FULL TREND


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