Incredible Breakfast Trends

New Behaviors

Customization and healthful eating have become the new normal. Consumer behavior today reflects a growing awareness of what’s in our foods, where they come from and the best foods for our bodies. Young and old alike are interested in choosing what they want to eat with a nod to healthful options. We examine these two trends and their impact.

Infographic: Cultural Evolution of Health

Trend 1: The Choice is Yours

Millennials might think they are leading the charge, but it was 40 years ago Burger King started using the slogan, “have it your way.” This mantra has caught fire, and with customization reigning as king, the more options consumers have the better—and the more successful the operator… READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: The Cultural Evolution of Health

“Healthy” has finally taken hold in the American psyche. Some use food as a DIY health regimen, while others practice avoidance of different foods or ingredient groups as a path to healthier foods. Breakfast poses the perfect platform to create healthy options whether the consuming public is inclusive or exclusive... READ THE FULL TREND


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Put An Egg On It

All Day Breakfast

Multicultural Cuisines

Evolution of Healthy

Indulgent Comfort

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New Behaviors

Regional Breakfast Menu

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Clockless Dining

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The New Consumer

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