Incredible Breakfast Trends

Multicultural cuisines

As a nation of immigrants, the U.S. is often referred to as a melting pot. It’s meant as a reference to the multitude of cultures that migrated here, but it could just as easily reflect the resulting stew of cuisines. Add a pinch of homegrown creativity to the stew, and you’ve got, ‘New American’ cuisine.

Infographic: Breakfast Flavors

Trend 1: A culinary melting pot

One thing that binds Americans is an appreciation for numerous cuisines. Gone are the days of 1950s sitcom mothers sailing through kitchen doors with platters of pot roast and potatoes. On today’s dinner plates, one is far more likely to see pizza, tacos or stir-fry…READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: The Hispanic connection

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Hispanic population numbered 55.3 million in 2014. That's 17.3 percent of the total population, making it the largest, ethnic demographic group... READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 3: A perfect culinary storm

Foreign cuisines have become a national obsession. There’d be little argument with the statement, “Americans really like their food.” But it may be more appropriate to say, they really like everyone’s food. They embrace it, often adjust it, and then make it their own…READ THE FULL TREND


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