Incredible Breakfast Trends

Indulgent comfort

Comfort foods satisfy our desire for the familiar. Indulgent foods offer us a reward or treat. Put them together and you have a craveable familiar treat with opportunities for foodservice operators to get creative.

Infographic: Indulgent Breakfast Foods

Trend 1: The need for indulgence

Traditional breakfast foods like scrambled eggs, bacon and hot buttered anything have been classic American comfort foods for decades. These items have long composed the most important meal of the day, as well as the most comforting one…READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 2: In pursuit of indulgent profits

Many foodservice operators see all-day breakfast as an opportunity for showcasing creativity with breakfast foods by using more upscale ingredients later in the day when people have more time to enjoy them. These indulgent foods come to the rescue once again, reigniting customer interest and reaping profits...READ THE FULL TREND

Trend 3: Moving classics toward indulgence

Indulgent foods are appearing everywhere on menus as restaurants and chains deliver foods we view as treats, rewards or celebratory, and definitely crave-worthy. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin, eggnog and peppermint can fall into this category, as do specialty cheeses, dinner-centric meats paired with eggs and global twists on familiar dishes…READ THE FULL TREND


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