Consumers of all ages are looking for fresh, real ingredients. In fact, 7 in 10 Americans want to know and understand the ingredient list on products, while 20% are most influenced by ‘REAL’ ingredients when deciding on food and beverage purchases.1 Eggs are a well understood and welcome ingredient on food labels.

Made with REAL Eggs® Seal

The American Egg Board created two REAL Eggs certification seals, one for use with packaged foods and the other for foodservice menus.

The Made with REAL Eggs seal is ideal for producers, food manufacturers and foodservice retail outlets to use on packaged goods and fresh prepared foods to positively communicate the use of U.S.-produced REAL eggs and REAL egg ingredients vs. substitutes processed from other ingredients.

If the Made With Real Eggs seal is not applicable, the REAL Eggs seal is available for restaurants and foodservice outlets to use on menus and for promotional efforts, as well as for food manufacturers to use on food packaging.


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Ingredients Requirements Summary

No imitations. No substitutes. Made in the U.S.A.

This ensures eggs and egg ingredients are produced under U.S. government food safety protocols versus imported eggs and egg ingredients, which are not. And it supports U.S. egg producers.

In order for a product/menu to be approved for the Made with REAL Eggs seal, these certification standards must be followed:

  • Eggs and egg products therein must be made from U.S.-produced eggs, processed in a U.S. facility and conform to standards of identity for egg products established by specific USDA regulations.
  • Egg products, for which there are no U.S. federal standards of identity, will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Manufactured or combination food products must be manufactured or processed in a U.S. facility and contain only egg ingredients produced in the United States from U.S.-produced eggs from hens.
  • The Made with REAL Eggs and REAL Eggs seals cannot be used on imported eggs, egg products or products containing imported egg ingredients. All egg components must be produced in the United States from U.S.-raised hens.
  • The Made with REAL Eggs and REAL Eggs seals cannot be used on products that use vegetable/legume proteins or vegetable/legume oils to replace an egg component.
  • The Made with REAL Eggs and REAL Eggs seals will only certify products of the applicant. The applicant must be the owner of the UPC.


How will this help increase my business?
  • Positively impacts purchase intent
  • Offers pricing and margin opportunities
  • Employs external assets to communicate trusted quality
  • Leverages communication to support product “reason to believe,” i.e., nutritional or taste benefits
  • Leverages advertising and communication spending of licensed brand
How does this benefit my consumer?
  • Delivers recognizable ingredient authenticity and credibility to signal taste and quality
  • Provides confidence in product credentials and integrity, i.e., authentic vs. imitation ingredients, taste, value, etc.
  • Streamlines choices for busy consumers
  • Familiar point of reference adds further credibility to parent brand of the product
  • Reinforces brand perceptions
Is there a cost associated with this certification?

No. Use of the seal is free, compliments of the American Egg Board.

How often do I have to register my products?

Products need to be registered annually.

Is there a limit to the number of products/menu items I can register?

No, but each product/menu item you want to receive the seal must be registered separately.

What do I need to submit?

Your submission needs to include an ingredient deck/ingredient list, menu description or UPC code (whichever is applicable) and final packaging rendering after the seal has been applied.

What is the lead time needed for approval?

Please allow two weeks for review once all materials have been submitted.

How do I submit my materials?

Everything can be submitted electronically, using the registration forms on this page.

What seal formats are available?

Both seals are available in color and black & white. These file formats are available: AI, EPS, JPG, PNG and TIFF.