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Paul Kahan Elevates Breakfast to New Heights in Latest Incredible Breakfast Trends

Incredible Breakfast Trends Transitions to Incredible Egg Trends

CHICAGO (May, 2018)  —  “Nationally-acclaimed chef and restauranteur, Paul Kahan is the latest incredible breakfast trendsetter featured in our Incredible Breakfast Trends (IBT) series,” says Phaedra Ruffalo, senior director, market development, American Egg Board. “As a pioneer in upscale casual dining, there’s no one better than Paul Kahan to talk about the ‘elevated’ trend rippling through the breakfast/brunch daypart.” In elevated dishes, flavors, textures and colors are thoughtfully married together to create dishes that please all the senses.

Traditional breakfast items are contemporized through careful selection and curation of ingredients and unique cooking techniques. These eye-popping, palate-pleasing, ‘elevated’ menu items are the focus of the latest edition of IBT. Elevated menu items transform usual breakfast fare from ordinary into extraordinary, unexpected – and at times – over the top indulgences. More than 60 percent of Millennials report loving restaurants that offer “over-the-top” menu items1.

Paul Kahan, Chef/Partner in Chicago restaurant group, One Off Hospitality, invited AEB back-of-house at one of his newer restaurants, Publican Anker, for a firsthand look at how he prepares one of his own ‘elevated’ entrées – a Fried Oyster Omelette with Charred Ramp Salsa Verde & Lemon Aioli. Kahan is known for using seasonal ingredients and being unconventionally creative. Both these traits are evident in the omelette preparation, which combines seasonal ramps and green chick peas with soft scrambled eggs emulsified with cream cheese, then finished cooking using the sous vide method. The end result is luxuriously, delicious eggs with a silky smooth texture and richness, complemented by the brininess of the oysters and the brightness of the salsa verde.

Using video, slide shows, recipes and more, IBT brings the elevated breakfast trend alive for readers. Examples of half a dozen elevated items on breakfast menus around the country are highlighted in a slideshow. And chef-created recipes with elevated ingredients are also served up as menu inspiration. These recipes range from a Miso Floating Egg Island to a Pork Mole Roulade Eggs.

Every dish has a story

Elevated menu items often come with a story, as diners—especially younger diners—want to know where foods were grown or raised and what’s in them. Never before have diners been as interested in the provenance of ingredients. Kahan is passionate about the ingredients he uses, and the stories behind those ingredients. Knowing the where and the why behind ingredients enriches the enjoyment of an eating experience.

This desire for transparency and authenticity in foods has led to a flurry of diner-pleasing descriptors on menus, including local, seasonal, from scratch to small-batch, house-made, -cured, -pickled, -crafted, -fermented, -smoked, sustainably grown/raised—which speak directly to the foodie culture-loving younger generations. According to consumer research from Y-Pulse, 68 percent of Millennial consumers prefer locally sourced ingredients and 66 percent are willing to pay a little more for locally-produced food1. Furthermore, a quarter of diners will pay more for breakfasts made without artificial ingredients2.

“Elevating egg dishes with unexpected ingredients, not only raises their ‘foodie quotient’ among diners,” says Ruffalo. “It also expands their appeal beyond the breakfast daypart. Restaurants can easily fit them into all-day menus.”

Chef Kahan’s video, a collection of elevated egg entrée recipes, including his Fried Oyster Omelette with Charred Ramp Salsa Verde & Lemon Aioli, breakfast insights, culinary tips and much more can be found at

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