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Trending: Indulgent breakfast comfort foods

Park Ridge, IL (Feb. 4, 2016)  —  Comfort foods and indulgent foods often overlap, because they’re both about the emotional aspect of dining. Yet there is an important difference. While “comfort foods” are personal and reminiscent, “indulgent foods” are often decadent or rich. Distinct, but related, each type has its place in the spectrum of crave-able foods. In the latest installment of Incredible Breakfast Trends, the American Egg Board focuses on American consumers’ indulgent desires and how they play out in breakfast fare. Here’s a summary:

The need for indulgence
Somewhere in the American diner’s psyche resides a melancholy about the loss of long-ago times, when she or he felt nurtured at the breakfast table. No matter what our mood, the trend is clear: breakfast, with its most comforting and indulgent foods, continues to grow in demand because consumers still long for that glow of being cared for. No one, it seems, doesn’t like comfort.

Pursuing indulgent profits
Some say serving breakfast foods alongside higher-priced lunch and dinner items will reduce profits. Countering that are many foodservice operators who see all-day breakfast as an opportunity for showcasing creativity with breakfast foods and including more upscale ingredients later in the day when people have more time to enjoy them. Indulgent foods pique customer interest and reap profits.

Indulgent classics
Indulgent breakfast foods are appearing all over on menus and at retail. These foods, whether eaten out or at home are viewed as treats, rewards or celebratory, and definitely crave-worthy. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin, eggnog and peppermint can fall into this category, as do specialty cheeses, dinner-centric meats paired with eggs and global twists on familiar dishes.

“While there’s been a lot of focus on all-day breakfast in foodservice,” notes Elisa Maloberti, American Egg Board, director of egg product marketing, “consumers never had a time restriction for breakfast at home. Breakfast for supper isn’t new. What’s new is the creativity and unique ingredients we’re seeing in prepared breakfast items—from ethnic flavorings to a broader selection of cheeses, vegetables and meats.”

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