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Incredible Any Time of Day

Incredible Breakfast Trends Transitions to Incredible Egg Trends

CHICAGO (Sept 26, 2018)  —  — Reflecting clockless dining and blurring of menu items, eggs, a longtime breakfast category favorite, follow today’s trends and move beyond the morning into any daypart. Extensive research and data analysis identified by the American Egg Board inspires the shift from Incredible Breakfast Trends (IBT) to Incredible Egg Trends (IET). “The love between eggs and breakfast is as strong as ever, but egg’s versatility and character are moving it into new roles on the menu,” says Phaedra Ruffalo, senior director, market development, American Egg Board. “Eggs fit seamlessly into any ethnic menu or preparation style. You name the trend—plant forward, fusion, rustic, nutritious—eggs can become the go-to protein source. Whatever the inspiration, the egg is up to the challenge and our trend watch needs to reflect the same.”

Eggs Play Supporting Role on Plant-Friendly Plates

As plant-forward dining takes hold, there aren’t many non-plant proteins that would be accepted for a pairing. But in this case, the egg is the exception. Many quick service restaurants offer an “add an egg” menu addition as an upsell for numerous vegetarian dishes and salads. This flexitarian-friendly protein is also an economical choice. Many plant-forward diners are flexitarian, with 63 percent of consumers agreeing that a plant-based dish can include an animal-based component.1

Reclaim the Missing Two-Thirds

If you’re only thinking breakfast when you hear eggs, you’re missing 2/3 of the day. Protein continues to be in demand and is top-of-mind for both male and female populations with more than half (54%) of consumers reporting that protein is important or very important when dining out. And this protein can often take the form of an egg. According to Technomic, consumers are equally likely to eat eggs for either a lunch or dinner occasion (24% for both dayparts), although breakfast is still the most common occasion for egg usage by a large margin (82%).2

Fashionably Late

The snacking segment is not one to ignore. Non-traditional dayparts have been feeding restaurant growth and sales for a while. For example, Taco Bell estimates that one-fourth of its sales stem from two nontraditional time periods; after midnight and the period between 2 to 5 p.m. – driven by Millennials and Gen Z, with 53 percent of those ages 18-24 saying they would visit restaurants more frequently if they stayed open later.3

And that same Technomic study indicated eggs are no stranger to this snacking phenomenon. Thirteen percent of consumers reported they purchase a snack containing eggs as an ingredient from restaurants and foodservice locations.2

“We feel we’re just beginning to discover the incredible ways chefs around the country are inspired to use eggs throughout dayparts. Consumers are willing and open to experimentation and open to eggs as the protein vehicle to help carry other flavors, spices and formats,” said Ruffalo.

Incredible Egg Trends brings menus alive for trend watchers through featured videos, slide shows, chef-created recipes from around the country and more. This month look for global flavors, featuring Chef Thai Dang’s Vietnamese-inspired, Roasted Cauliflower, Shallot Jam & Poached Egg creation.

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