Tech Talk Videos

With Dr. Shelly McKee

  • 001 - Are Egg Products Easy-to-Use?

    0:49 Egg ingredients are available in many convenient forms to fit different application and processing scenarios.

  • 002 - Are Egg Products Safe?

    0:51 Dr. Shelly McKee explains how the Egg Inspection Act of the 1970s helps provide the industry’s impressive safety record.

  • 003 - Do Eggs Contain Gluten?

    0:44 Eggs are naturally gluten free, providing replacement protein and aid with moisture retention in gluten-free applications.

  • 004 - Are Eggs Suitable for Clean Label Products?

    0:42 As demand for clean label continues to grow, egg ingredients provide a way to keep label statements short and recognizable.

  • 005 - What’s the Conversion Process from Shell Eggs to Egg Products?

    0:33 Switching from shell eggs to liquid or dried egg products is an easy weight-to-weight conversion.

  • 006 - What Kind of Egg Products are Available?

    0:37 Multiple forms of egg ingredients include whole eggs, separated whites and yolks, or customized egg ingredients.

  • 007 - Is U.S. Egg Production Sustainable?

    0:53 A landmark study shows U.S. egg industry has vastly reduced the overall environmental impact over the last fifty years.

  • 008 - What Different Types of Eggs are Available?

    0:41 Different management and feed practices provide a variety of egg products.

  • 010 - How do You Maintain Optimal Egg Product Quality?

    0:55 Egg ingredient storage is simple but differs depending on the product. Proper storage and usage maintains quality.

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