Tech Talk - Baking

With Luis Belozerco, Baking Professional with AIB International

  • Can a baker rely on a single substitute for egg replacement?

    0:39 The multiple functional properties eggs supply within baking are difficult to replicate.

  • Is it possible to fix structure but have flavor suffer or vice versa?

    0:44 Structure and flavor work in tandem to create a viable baked good.

  • What are the cost implications of adding multiple, extra ingredients?

    0:47 Considerations go beyond cost into product quality.

  • What adjustments would a baker need to make if eggs were reduced or absent?

    0:57 Multiple adjustments, including mix time, temperature and baking processes.

  • How could adjustments affect overall product costs?

    1:14 Product throughput can be hampered if R&D time is extensive.

  • Which key functions of eggs are most difficult to replace?

    0:22 Emulsification and foaming are key attributes of egg ingredients.

  • Do the properties of emulsification and foaming affect certain baked goods more than others?

    0:52 The structure, mouthfeel and taste of certain baked goods rely on egg ingredients.

  • Does the proportion of eggs used in a mix make a difference?

    0:42 Certain products rely more heavily on egg ingredient functionality than others for form and function.

  • Please explain the importance of emulsion in the baking environment.

    0:47 When integrating the fat phase into the water phase, the more eggs used, the more stable the resulting emulsion.

  • How can adjustments in egg content affect the finished product?

    1:38 Bakers need to monitor structure, texture, crumb, volume and shelf life among other properties.

  • How do eggs contribute to form and function for the various stages of dough development?

    0:56 Different dough types will be affected in a different way, whether fresh, frozen or par-baked.

  • How does reformulation affect production/profitability?

    0:55 The scale up and testing required will take up valuable production time.

  • How do eggs fit into artisan baking?

    0:25 Egg ingredients supply flavor and function in a high-quality ingredient.

  • How do eggs fit into gluten-free formulating?

    0:41 Egg ingredients assist with the organoleptic properties and traceability gluten-free products demand.

  • How do eggs fit into clean label trends?

    0:23 Clean label products look for simple, high-quality ingredients from a natural origin.

  • How can you prevent “greening” in handheld sandwiches or wraps?

    0:44 Introducing an insulating food barrier between the egg and the bread or wrap helps prevent greening.

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