Egg Protein Comparison & Protein Costs

The September update shows an increase in the cost of milk, pork chops and ground beef. The cost of eggs, chicken breast and beef round roast have decreased. Eggs continue to be the least expensive source of high-quality protein followed by milk and chicken breast.

Since July, the cost of eggs decreased by 11 cents, chicken breast by 18 cents and beef round roast by 1 cent. The cost of milk increased by 3 cents, ground beef by 2 cents and pork chops by 4 cents.

Average Retail Cost of High-Quality Protein Foods
Updated October 2018

Complete Protein Food Avg. Cost1 Serving Size Cost per Serving Calories per Serving 2 (kcal) Protein per serving (g) Grams Protein per Dollar Spent (g/$1)
Eggs, grade A large 1.62/doz. 1 egg 0.14 72 6 43
Milk, reduced fat, 2% milkfat 2.87/gal.3 8 oz. 0.18 122 8 44
Chicken breast, skinless (boneless) 2.94/lb.4 3 oz. 0.55 102 19 35
Ground beef, 90% lean meat 5.38/lb. 3 oz. 1.01 149 17 17
Pork chop (boneless) 3.83/lb. 3 oz. 0.57 132 18 32
Beef round roast, USDA Choice (boneless) 5.15/lb. 3 oz. 0.97 147 18 19

October 2018 Gram Protein/Dollar

October 2018 Protein Chart



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3 Price is for whole milk, no price available for low-fat

4 Price is for boneless chicken breast, no price available for skinless

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