Laying House

The laying house

In today's egg laying facilities, temperature, humidity and light are all controlled and the air is kept circulated. The building is well insulated, windowless (to aid light control) and is force-ventilated. Birds are either given the run of the floor area or are housed in cages. Most new construction favors the cage system because of its sanitation and efficiency, but floor operations are also in use.

Light control

Of primary importance both during the growing and laying periods, controlled, low-intensity light can be used to delay sexual maturity until the bird's body is big enough to produce larger eggs. Today's laying hen doesn't need to depend upon the fickle sun to tell her when laying time has arrived. Intensity and duration of light can be adjusted to regulate production.


Laying houses maintained between 57-79° F (14-26° C) keep the hens comfortable.


A relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent is best.

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