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Why buy from the U.S.?

U.S. egg producers are proud to supply superior-quality product that provides all-natural, high-quality protein to people around the globe. Both U.S. shell eggs and egg products are available for export

U.S. Shell Eggs

U.S. eggs are washed, sanitized, packaged and shipped within hours of laying. The U.S. refrigerated supply chain maintains U.S. egg quality and safety throughout shelf life.

Benefits of U.S. Shell Eggs:

Nutrition powerhouse: an all-natural, nutrient-rich source of high-quality protein. Also eggs are satiating, low-calorie and a familiar, well-liked food.
Versatile: Fit into any daypart. Eggs also have 20 plus functional characteristics from emulsification to binding, leavening and browning.
U.S. government oversight: multiple U.S. government agencies oversee U.S. egg production, monitoring and ensuring consistent quality.
Strict food safety regulations: U.S. egg production is governed by the following food safety regulations:

  • Egg Safety Rule (2010)
  • 1999 FSIS ruling - refrigeration of eggs and labeling rule
  • U.S. Dept. of Commerce 1990 Sanitary Food Transportation Act

Quality assurance measures

  • Stringent USDA disease-prevention standards
  • USDA inspection & grading
  • Required washing and sanitizing
  • Refrigeration from packing to final consumer
  • Quality control from packing to delivery

U.S. Egg Products

The Egg Products Inspection Act of 1970 (FDA, 1971) requires that all U.S. egg products be Salmonella free. This is accomplished through use of approved pasteurization methods. Since the adoption of the Act, no Salmonella outbreaks have been recorded from U.S. pasteurized eggs.

Benefits of U.S. Egg Products – Dried, Frozen, and Liquid (Refrigerated):

Ease of use: U.S. egg products are ready to use immediately – whether it's liquid or dried egg that is compatible with mechanized proportioning systems in food plants, or precooked egg entrees that are ready to heat and serve.
Convenience: U.S. egg products are ready to use and just need to be measured for each application - many egg products even come premeasured. Bulk quantities may be customized with ingredients already incorporated into the egg product to reduce labor. Equipment needs are minimal, clean-up is simplified, and except for packaging materials, there is no waste for disposal.
Economy: Reduced handling, minimal shipping cost and elimination of breakage result in reduced-cost formulations. Eggs are one of the most economical complete protein sources available.
Safety: U.S. egg products are pasteurized to destroy Salmonella and other bacteria.
Minimal Storage Space:

  • A 100-pound drum of dried egg white solids is equivalent to the whites from about 28 cases (360 large shell eggs per case) of shell eggs.
  • One-hundred-pounds of dried whole egg solids are the equivalent to approximately 10 cases of large shell eggs.
  • A 30-pound container of frozen eggs is equivalent to about 22 dozen large shell eggs.
Uniformity: U.S. egg products can be produced to definite specifications to assure consistent performance in formulations.
Stability: When properly stored according to their type, U.S. egg products will maintain their quality for several months.
Quality: Most U.S. egg products are virtually indistinguishable from U.S. fresh eggs in nutritional value, flavor and functional properties. With proper storage, these qualities are well retained over shelf life.



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