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Eggs in Schools

nutritious and deliciousHard-boiled eggs supply a “nutrient-dense” option for nutritious snacks in schools, according to the USDA Smart Snacks in School Standards. Schools can include hard-boiled eggs as snacks or à la carte items, as long as no fat has been added to them. We've got serving tips, packaging ideas and nutritional information designed to fit federal guidelines. With precooked, peeled hard-boiled eggs, it’s convenient too.

Egg-citing Serving Ideas
Fun and Portable

Hard-boiled eggs make an easy snack for students to grab-and-go or eat on the run. Any number of portable packages can hold a single hard-boiled egg, or one paired with veggies.  We’ve got ideas to share

Egg in Black Oval Container

Perfect Pairing

Eggs have yet to meet a vegetable they don’t like. In fact, one large egg with six grams of high-quality protein pairs perfectly with vegetables to round out a snack and help students feel full longer.*

Egg Pop with Carrot Stick

* According to Smart Snacks standards, a whole, hard-boiled egg without added fat may be combined with veggies, fruit and other exempt foods, as long as calories and sodium limits are met.

USDA Rules> <p> <a href=Check out this link to the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools Standards. You’ll see, hard-boiled eggs are “exempt from the total fat and saturated fat standards, but must meet all other nutrient standards.”

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Eggs-tremely Versatile

Protein boxes are popping up everywhere, including school cafeterias, and hard-boiled eggs fit right in. Did you know eggs fit into special diets like vegetarians and gluten free, to name a few? Fact is, the protein profile of an egg can help supply that important nutrient for student athletes or students following special diets. You’ll find hard-boiled eggs are a versatile, affordable protein for snacking that satisfies students’ unique dietary needs.

Eggs Get ans A for Protein

Eggs are the “gold standard” upon which all other proteins are compared, because they contain all 9 essential amino acids and are easily digestible. Serving hard-boiled eggs as snacks will earn you good grades from your students!

Eggy report card
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Hard boiled egg bag
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