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Eggs in Schools

Get Smart…Snacks Ideas

Hard-boiled eggs are now exempt from the Smart Snacks standards for total fat and saturated fat and can now be sold as a healthy snack in schools. One large hard-boiled egg—without added fat—is a convenient, nutrient-rich snack.1 Individually or paired with veggies, hard-boiled eggs are a satiating snack that provide students with energy to get through their day.

Yes to flavor

While added fat is out, salt-free seasonings and salt-free/fat free sauces and dressings are in. Use seasonings and sauces you already have on hand to add another layer of flavor to hard-boiled eggs.

Check out some egg-citing packaging ideas here.

To enhance the visual appeal of your packaging, get ‘Egg Power’ labels here.

Dynamic duos

A whole, hard cooked egg without added fat may be paired and sold packaged with other products that are also exempt from one or more of the Smart Snacks standards.  For example, a whole, hard cooked egg without added fat may be combined with celery sticks, and the paired snack will retain the total fat and saturated fat exemption and may be sold as long as the calorie and sodium limits are met. Pair colorful vegetables or fruit with one large egg and you’ll have a nutritious combination.

Smart Snack entrées

In the video, one hard-boiled egg is packaged with whole-grain pita slices, hummus and apple slices. Because of their neutral flavor, eggs are easily combined with other foods from the Smart Snacks list.

Get more details about the USDA Smart Snacks Standards here.