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Eggs in Schools

Delicious, nutritious, fun

It’s true. Eating hard-boiled eggs on a stick is a F-U-N way to get your students to eat high-quality protein anytime of day.1 Kids of all ages enjoy EggPops. They can be eaten plain or dusted with seasoning or dipped into a sauce or dressing. And as you’ve just watched, EggPops are simple and easy to prepare.

Making EggPops

All you need to make EggPops are peeled, hard-boiled eggs and some sticks—either conventional ‘lollipop’ sticks or veggie sticks made from carrots or celery.


  1. Insert stick about an inch into wide bottom portion of hard-boiled egg.
  2. Wrap individually or place on tray for cafeteria line service.
  3. Keep EggPops cool until served. CCP: Hold below 41° F.


EggPops can be easily prepped for service via a central kitchen, breakfast-in-the-classroom, as a grab-n-go item or on the cafeteria line. Portable and customizable, kids can personalize by dipping or dusting their EggPop with a flavoring of their choice.

EggPop flavor ideas

One of the great things about EggPops is they go well with almost any seasoning mix, sauce or dressing. Use your students’ favorite seasonings or sauces to add flavor to EggPops or create a new one.

We’ve got inspiring EggPop flavorings and other ideas: