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Eggs in Schools

Egg Classroom Education Materials

America’s egg farmers invite you and your students to learn more about where your eggs come from and how they move from the farm to your tables.

The American Egg Board (AEB) has partnered with credible educational organizations to create effective curriculum materials to help further your students’ knowledge of eggs, egg farmers and egg farms. AEB’s partners include Discovery Education, The Education Center and National Ag in the Classroom.

AEB is working with these partners to create practical and ready-to-use materials for K-12 teachers.

Designed to meet Common Core Standards, the lessons can be integrated into math, science, language arts and social studies curriculums. The lesson plan activities educate students about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise, as well as topics ranging from scientific exploration to creating a healthy plate and learning to read nutritional panels. Students will also engage in lifelong health decisions like analyzing, comparing and making good food choices.

Please check back regularly for new and exciting educational materials. On behalf of America’s egg farmers, we look forward to working with you!



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