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Eggs in Schools


Dip them or dust them, EggPops offer a fun, new way to meet federal school nutrition guidelines. The steps to creating and serving EggPops are simple and easy. Take a nutrient-rich, hard-boiled egg, insert a stick and dust with savory spices. Or let your kids do their own dipping in spicy or herbed sauces. Offer for breakfast, grab & go snacks or pair with fruit and whole grains for lunch. We offer ideas and instructions for both dips and dusts, from hot and spicy to simply savory—all are easy to blend and serve.

Sticks and trays are easy to find at local stores or online and our EggPops brochure offers suggestions for both. Recipes for dips and dusts involve no more than two ingredients, and EggPops pair well with almost any type of sauce from ranch dressing to remoulade, horseradish to honey mustard and jalapeno to sweet Thai chili.

Dusty EggPops

For Dusty EggPops try:

  • S’Pepper Egg
  • Fairy Dust Egg
  • Sunshine Pepper Egg

Saucy EggPops

For dipping sauces try:

  • Bacon bit mayo
  • Sriracha
  • Garlic Aioli
  • Honey Bee
  • Horsing Around
  • Ranch
  • Southern Aioli
  • Sweet & Heat
  • Any popular salad dressing

Picture Perfect

Schools across the country celebrated National School Breakfast Week by serving students EggPops—hard-boiled eggs on a stick. Rather than tell you about it, we thought you’d like to see for yourself. Pix of the festivities were captured for EggPop posterity.

To get a list of ideas and instructions plus complete nutritional information, download the EggPops Brochure.