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Eggs in Schools
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Hard-Boiled Eggs Precookies Patties

Whether you make them in-house or get them ready to use–precooked and peeled–hard-boiled eggs are a quick and easy way to make delicious and nutritious meal and snack options 5 Days / 5 Ways®. For breakfast, serve them whole in a protein or bento box. Premade boxes are perfect for Breakfasts in the Classroom or After the Bell. Customizable versions let students select components from an assortment of fruit, veggies and whole grains. Cut up hard-boiled eggs can be used in a sandwich, taco, burrito or pizza. And don’t forget, hard-boiled eggs are Smart Snack approved.

Sample MenuSAMPLE MENU Hard-Boiled Eggs

Here are 5 school-tested menu ideas to get you started:

  1. Hard-Boiled Egg, Whole Grain Roll, String Cheese, Fruit Cup
  2. Hard-Boiled Egg & French Toast
  3. Eggy’s Favorites
  4. Hard-Boiled Egg & Toast
  5. EggPops

Keep scrolling down for more ideas, using hard-boiled eggs in your school foodservice operations.