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Eggs in the Classroom

Middle School & Junior High

A Day on an Egg Farm
Acquiring vocabulary through informational text (RI.5.1-3; RI.5.4). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Dinner for How Many?
Solving problems and multiplying fractions (5.NF.B.6). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Handle With Care
Working with numerical expressions (5.OA.A.1). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

An Eggceptional Plan
Developing a topic (W.4.2b, W5.2b). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Roll and Write
Writing informative/explanatory texts (W.4.2, W.5.2). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

A World of Food Choices
Producing clear and coherent writing (W7-9.4). Grades 6. VIEW PDF

Fitness Fun for Everyone
Summarizing numerical data sets (6.SP.B.5). Grades 6. VIEW PDF

Nutrition News
Analyzing the structure of texts (R.4-6.5). Grades 6. VIEW PDF

Breakfast — It’s a Big Deal
Finding percent of a quantity as a ratio rate per 100 (6.RP.A.3c). Grade 6. VIEW PDF

An Eggcellent Idea
Writing an argument (W.6.1). Grade 6. VIEW PDF

Eggs on the Menu — FCS Classes
Versatility, functionality and nutritional benefits of eggs in a healthful diet (Aligns with FCS, Health and Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. Details in PDF). Grade 6 - 8. VIEW PDF

Make It an Eggs-tra Good Day — Health & Nutrition Classes
Nutritional benefits of a healthful breakfast for the human body (Aligns with FCS, Health and Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. Details in PDF). Grade 6 - 8. VIEW PDF

Hen to Home — FCS & Health Classes
Agricultural education, egg safety and proper egg handling (Aligns with FCS, English Language Arts, History/Social Studies and National Social Studies Common Core Standards. Details in PDF). Grade 6 - 8. VIEW PDF

Crack the Code
Conducting a short research project (W.7.7). Grade 7. VIEW PDF

It All Started With An Egg
Constructing simple equations to solve word problems (7.EE.B.4). Grade 7. VIEW PDF

Discover the Eggstraordinary Egg
Presenting information, findings and supporting evidence (SL.7-9.4). Grades 7 - 8. VIEW PDF

Solving problems using scientific notations (8.EE.A.4). Grade 8. VIEW PDF

Eggs and Pasteurization
Summarizing a paragraph into one main idea (RST.6.8.2). Grade 8. VIEW PDF

Flavorful Cuisine
Strengthen culinary skills through an introduction to healthy eating patterns. Grade 6-8. VIEW PDF

Healthy Eating Patterns
Introduce health and nutrition concepts Grade 6-8. VIEW PDF

Food for Thought.
Demonstrate sustainable agricultural practices Grade 6-8. VIEW PDF

All Middle School & Junior High Lesson Plans.
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Materials developed with credible educational organization, including Discovery Education, the Education Center and Young Minds Inspired.

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle