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Eggs in the Classroom

High School

Eggs by the Numbers
Creating equations and inequalities (HSA-CED.A.1). Grade 9. VIEW PDF

Finding Eggcellent Resources
Gathering relevant information from multiple resources (W.9-10.8). Grade 9. VIEW PDF

Winning Dietary Choices
Translating quantitative or technical information (RST.9-10.7). Grade 10. VIEW PDF

Best Boiled Plans
Identifying and explaining physical and chemical reactions (HS-LS1-1; HS-PS1-5) VIEW PDF

Walking on Eggshells?
Comparing structure and interactions of matter (HS-PS1-3) VIEW PDF

Whites and Yolks
Understanding protein structure (HS-LS1-1) VIEW PDF

All High School Lesson Plans.
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Materials developed with credible educational organization, including Discovery Education, the Education Center and Young Minds Inspired.

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle