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Eggs in the Classroom

Elementary School

Be A DetEGGtive
Writing informative/explanatory texts (W.K-3.2). Grades K - 3. VIEW PDF

MyPlate Is Great
Gathering relevant information (W.K-3.8). VIEW PDF

Write from the Roost!
Practicing informative writing (W.K.2; W.1.2). Grades K - 1. VIEW PDF

Eating Eggs
Reading informational text (RI.1.10). Grade 1. VIEW PDF

An Eggcellent Plan
Working with a graphic organizer (W.K.2; W.1.2). Grade 1. VIEW PDF

From Hen to Home
Reading informational text (RI.1.10). Grade 1. VIEW PDF

Family Favorite
Solving word problems (1.OA.A.1). Grade 1. VIEW PDF

Egg Safety
Reading informational text (RI.2.1). Grade 2. VIEW PDF

Get Crackin’ Cafe
Working with even and odd numbers (2.OA.C.3). Grade 2. VIEW PDF

The Eggstraordinary Egg!
Writing informative/explanatory text (W.2.2). Grade 2. VIEW PDF

In My Opinion
Practicing opinion writing (W.2.1, W.3.1). Grade 2 - 3. VIEW PDF

Eggspress Yourself
Practicing opinion writing (W.2.1, W.3.1). Grade 2 - 3. VIEW PDF

Eggs Around The World
Using key details from informational text (RI.3.2). Grade 3. VIEW PDF

An Even Dozen
Adding with 1,000 (3.NBT.A.2). Grade 3. VIEW PDF

Fresh Eggs
Multiplying and dividing to 100 (3.OA.A.3). Grade 3. VIEW PDF

Breakfast By The Numbers
Solving multi-step word problems (4.OA.A.2; 4.OA.A.3). Grade 4. VIEW PDF

Eggs Past and Present
Reading informational text (RI.4.1). Grade 4. VIEW PDF

There are Eggs in That?
Recognizing and correcting sentence fragments (L.4.1f). Grade 4. VIEW PDF

Roll and Write
Writing informative/explanatory texts (W.4.2, W.5.2). Grade 4 - 5. VIEW PDF

An Eggceptional Plan
Developing a topic (W.4.2b, W5.2b). Grade 4 - 5. VIEW PDF

A Day on an Egg Farm
Acquiring vocabulary through informational text (RI.5.1-3; RI.5.4). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Dinner for How Many?
Solving problems and multiplying fractions (5.NF.B.6). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Handle With Care
Working with numerical expressions (5.OA.A.1). Grade 5. VIEW PDF

Fitness Fun for Everyone
Summarizing numerical data sets (6.SP.B.5). Grades 4 - 6. VIEW PDF

Nutrition News
Analyzing the structure of texts (R.4-6.5). Grades 4 - 6. VIEW PDF

A World of Food Choices

Producing clear and coherent writing (W7-9.4). Grades 4 - 6. VIEW PDF

Elementary Lesson Plans.
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Materials developed with credible educational organization, including Discovery Education, the Education Center and Young Minds Inspired.

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle


Egg facts