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Eggs in the Classroom

Eggville Escapades Game

Developed by professional educators and designed to align with Common Core standards, Eggville Escapades marks the debut of brand new e-learning tools from the American Egg Board. Engage your students in the learning process with four fun and entertaining, yet educational, games designed for grades 1-3.

Teacher and Students
This game requires Adobe Flash. It is best played on a desktop computer.
This is replaced by the Flash video.

Eggville Escapades System Requirements: This game works best on a desktop computer with the Adobe Flash Player enabled.

These games allows students to choose between Feed the Farmer, Farm to Table, Eggs Across the USA or Coop Carnival, to learn and practice language arts, math and social studies skills. Each game incorporates facts about egg production to help raise kids’ awareness about modern agriculture and farmers.

This new e-learning tool joins a portfolio of free lesson plans that are also aligned to Common Core standards. Activities & Eggsperiments also encourage critical thinking skills.

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle


Egg facts