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Eggs in the Classroom

Egg Reader

America’s egg farmers are excited to share their digital resource - Egg Reader with you and your students. This digital interactive piece tells the hen to home story through a series of interactive questions, puzzles and stories. This Common Core aligned piece helps students understand the different types of birds, eggs and production systems, as well as food safety and egg grades. With several fun challenges, this is a perfect piece for 3rd through 5th grades.

Egg Reader

This new e-learning tool joins a portfolio of free lesson plans that are also aligned to Common Core standards. Activities & Eggsperiments also encourage critical thinking skills

Supporting documentation for claims made in the American Egg Board Digital Egg Reader can be found below:

Page 2 and 3 of the Digital Egg Reader, visit, See pages 11 – 13

Page 4 and 5 of the Digital Egg Reader – Types of Eggs and Specialty eggs, visit

Page 6 of the Digital Egg Reader, Eggsploring Food Safety, visit

Page 6 of the Digital Egg Reader, Specialty Eggs, visit

Page 7 of the Digital Egg Reader - A good for you food, and It’s in the Yolk, visit

When you eat a large egg, you get…visit

Eggs in the News, visit

Page 8 and 9 of the Digital Egg Reader - Eggs are graded too! And Egg Sizes, visit

Pages 10 – 12 of the Digital Egg Reader, Which Came First, the chicken or the egg and From the Farm to your Store visit

Egg Production Cycle

Egg Production Cycle


Egg facts