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What’s Hot? What’s Not?

Keeping diners interested and engaged with unique eating experiences on campus is an ongoing process. What’s hot? What’s not? Here’s some of the latest research and insights influencing the campus dining scene.

Global menu influences

Today’s college students grew up eating sushi and salsa. What will tempt their worldly palates next? See what’s simmering.

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Dinner trends

Hardly surprising, it’s the evening meal that’s most regularly eaten on campus. Take a look at what students want/expect.

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Rising plant-forward nutrition

More and more students are selecting vegetarian options at least some of the time. Get a picture of this changing landscape.

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Breakfast favorites

What do students want for breakfast—really, really want? See how student breakfast preferences stack up.

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Snacking is the newest meal occasion. Check out how today’s students view snacking differently than previous generations.

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Find out how hard-boiled eggs fit naturally into the snacking space with the results from our fresh protein snacks concept research.

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