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Rolled & Ready

This story begins with a chance meeting between Corporate Executive Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski, Michigan State University and Chef Robert Danhi, American Egg Board, at NACUFS National in 2018. The two got talking and their discussion evolved into a brainstorming session about how to increase speed of service when offering omelets, while at the same time, engaging students to sample a new delivery style for an age-old dish.

After NACUFS, the two continued their conversation over the summer, ideating and planning to determine how to serve omelets on campus during high traffic times without sacrificing taste or slowing service. Their collaboration ultimately led them to try out Rolled Omelets (a new delivery style for the beloved menu item) on the MSU campus the following autumn. A Rolled Omelet Pop-up debuted on campus at MSU Southpoint in the Case Dining Hall to the delight of hundreds of students. Chef Kurt said they got a terrific response from students and were able to increase throughput and deliver on excellence in flavor and service. A top priority for the culinary team at MSU is to maintain high-quality engagement with students. They were able to do this with the Rolled Omelet Station and optimize their operations.