Road tripping to San Antonio

We’re just a few weeks out from this year’s ANC. Looked at the forecast, and not surprisingly for Texas—it’s going to be HOT! In a way that’s good, we won’t mind being inside soaking up all that air conditioning. Did I say that? I meant knowledge. The heat is already getting to me.

While we’re on the topic of ANC, you know you’ll probably find yourself walking around the conference and all of sudden you’ll be famished. Why is it always that way? Well when that happens, this is your personal invitation to stop by the American Egg Board booth #347 for a satisfying, nutrient-dense EggPop. If you haven’t tried one yet, now’s your chance. And if you have, you know just how good they are. EggPops — for the uninitiated — are hard-boiled eggs on a stick. Simple, yes! Tasty, yes! Satiating, yes! But the magic is in the flavorings. We’ll have an array of sauces and dusts for dipping and rolling. You’ll no doubt want to plan your day around EggPop snacking.

When you stop by the booth, don’t forget to enter the drawing for a free registration to ANC 2017 in Atlanta. We’re giving away a registration each day. All you need to do is come by and fill out a short form, either try an EggPop or take a selfie in our groovy egg-shaped chair, and then share your photo on Twitter - #eggsinschools. Our egg chair looks like a relic from the 1960s, but don’t worry it’s not. 

Bottom line—drop in to the AEB booth 347. Grab an EggPop, snap a selfie and enter to win. Hope to see you soon in San Antonio! 


2016-06-27 14:30:38