Hatching new ideas

One of the many great things about ANC is it provides a forum to strike up conversations and share ideas with so many people from different backgrounds, yet with the common focus of school nutrition. Some of our favorite ‘egg-centric’ ideas from the show came from school nutrition professionals and our fellow exhibitors.   

Case in point: We got talking with some attendees as they munched on EggPops, and while they all really liked the concept, some had safety concerns about using a stick, especially with younger kids. They wanted to know if there might be another way to make EggPops, so we suggested using carrot or celery sticks instead. It’s one of those two birds with one stone ideas. Kids get to enjoy more veggies—always a bonus—and there’s less waste. Then to illustrate the idea, we stopped by the Grimmway Farms booth to get a few carrot sticks.

Another tasty idea came via exhibitor, Tajin USA. Its Tajin spice mix is a savory combination of sea salt, mild chilies and lime zest, meant for topping fruit and vegetables. I’m sure you know where we’re going with this. Sprinkled over EggPops—let’s just say Tajin gave sriracha mayo a run for ‘favorite topping’ honors. EggPops with Tajin check the boxes on so many of today’s food trends. They’re high in protein, convenient/easy to eat, and they’ve got a multicultural flavor profile with a hint of heat. You might want to give it a try in next year’s menu plan.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. We appreciate all the info and ideas you shared. Please keep the ideas coming. We love hearing from you!


2016-07-28 19:51:45