ANC 2016 Recap

Wow! ANC proved to be a smashing success for Eggs in Schools. Seven-thousand-ish school nutrition professionals gathered in San Antonio, bringing along all their energy and enthusiasm. For three days, the AEB booth buzzed with non-stop activity. Not only did we launch our new “Eggs in Schools” branding, we also served more than 1,400 EggPops, with a selection of sauces and dusts—all the while interacting with school nutrition directors. It was gratifying to have so many attendees drop by and say, “My kids LOVE eggs.”
As you can imagine at AEB, we spend a fair bit of time extolling the virtues of eggs. They’re a high-quality protein, nutritious, only 70 calories per large egg…eggs are satiating. When kids have eggs at a meal, they stay full longer, so they can concentrate on learning and not their stomachs. The new tagline for the School Nutrition Association—Feeding Bodies, Fueling Minds™—well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If only we’d thought of it first…it could just as well be the tagline for eggs, because that’s precisely what eggs do. 


2016-07-28 19:48:52