Activity Pages

A variety of activity pages will supplement the lesson plans, from hen-to-home mazes to labeling the parts of the egg, these pages can used for a variety of ages.

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank with Answers 

Egg Diagram Fill-in-the-Blank without Answers

An Egg's Journey


Grade 4-6 Lesson Plans

A World of Food Choices

Students will learn about geographic, economic, human and cultural influences on food choices around the world and conduct research to learn about the influences behind an international recipe. View PDF

Fitness Fun for Everyone

In this lesson, students will investigate the benefits of physical activity; practice Measurement and data analysis skills; and write an argument to persuade someone their age to exercise. View PDF

Nutrition News

Students will investigate the components of a healthy diet; practice using measurement skills; and read and produce informational texts about the role of balance, variety, moderation, and eating breakfast in a healthy diet. View PDF

Grade 9-12 Lesson Plans

Winning Dietary Choices

Students will analyze the nutrients on food labels, gain awareness of the nutrients that provide calories and how those nutrients help athletes, and design a pre-game diet for an imaginary athlete. View PDF

Grade K-3 Lesson Plan

MyPlate is Great!

Students will create and categorize an alphabetical list of foods into the groups that are recommended as part of a balanced diet. View PDF

Be a DetEGGtive!

Students will conduct a series of scientific investigations, gather evidence, and write to explain what they have learned about the unique properties of eggs. View PDF


Grade 7-8 Lesson Plans

Discover the Eggstraordinary Egg

In this lesson, students will investigate the properties of eggs; conduct several experiments to learn about proteins and the denaturation of proteins; design an investigation using the scientific method; and develop digital presentations. View PDF