Forms & Guidelines

Collecting Handler Report Form

To download the Collecting Handler Report Form, click here.

Exemption Information & Form

Any producer who has an aggregate of less than 75,000 birds is exempt from paying the AEB assessment. Handlers may also file for exemption if they purchase from exempt producers exclusively and if those producers have filed exemption forms. Handlers should forward exemption forms to appropriate producers. To download the 2016 Exemption Information & Form, click here.

Organic Exemption Request Form

Persons that produce and market only products eligible to be labeled as “100 percent organic” may request exemption from assessment under research and promotion programs. To download the Organic Exemption Request Form, click here.

Guidelines for AMS Oversight

Congress delegated to the Department of Agriculture (USDA) the responsibility for implementation and oversight of commodity promotion, research and consumer information programs established under freestanding legislation, commonly known as “checkoff” programs. View the current Guidelines for AMS Oversight of Commodity Research and Promotion Programs here.

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