About the American Egg Board (AEB)

Through the American Egg Board (AEB), U.S. egg producers come together, in accordance with statutory authority, to establish, finance and execute coordinated programs, on research, education and promotion — all geared to drive demand for eggs and egg products. AEB and all program activities are funded by U.S. egg producers, subject to USDA approval.

AEB's mission is to increase demand for eggs and egg products through research, education and promotion.

The Board consists of 18 members and 18 alternates from all regions of the country who are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. The AEB staff carries out the programs under the Board’s direction. AEB is located in Chicago, Ill. Please contact us on 847.296.7043 or via email at , or visit www.IncredibleEgg.org for more information.

About the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC)

The Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) is the health education and research center of the American Egg Board. Established in 1978, ENC provides science-based information to health promotion agencies, physicians, dietitians, nutritional scientists, media and consumers on issues related to egg nutrition and the role of eggs in the American diet. ENC is located in Chicago, Ill. Visit www.eggnutritioncenter.org for more information.

About AEB


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