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Trends & Insights

The Incredible Edible Egg is helping shape the future of the food service industry. Be part of the conversation.

Breakfast is not only considered the most important meal of the day – it’s the fastest growing, too. The food service industry has begun to realize the full potential of a robust breakfast menu, and eggs are leading the charge. We can show you how eggs can help grow your breakfast options and your business’ profit margins. Check out the links below for information-packed webinars and panels hosted by egg industry leaders.

Breakfast Menu Innovation Success Stories

Listen as top egg industry leaders address key issues affecting the breakfast daypart, including commentary on breakfast menu innovations that have proven successful for many quick service restaurants.

Winning the Breakfast Daypart

Learn about the phenomenal growth of the A.M. daypart, the prospects for future growth, and the strategies and innovative egg products chains have used to help them continue their dramatic success in the morning in this AEB webinar for quick service restaurants.

Breakfast: New Opportunities to Grow Sales

Learn about the profitability of eggs for restaurant owners with this discussion presented by the American Egg Board in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association. Hear informative statements from egg industry leaders on egg profitability and trends in the breakfast daypart.