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September 10, 2011


Written by AEB Foodservice

The American Egg Board recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 moms and teachers investigating the role of breakfast at home and in the classroom. The results emphasized the critical role breakfast – and, in particular, eggs – play on the most important mornings.

Key findings include:

The Best Way to Start Important Days: More than four out of five moms (83 percent) and teachers (79 percent) agree that a high-quality protein breakfast of eggs is the best way to start important days.

So what is an Important Day, Anyway?

Here are the top six days or events that moms and teachers consider to be important days  (defined as a day that requires extra preparation, extra effort, etc.): test days (83 percent), first day of school (82 percent), project/speech presentation (66 percent), math competition (55 percent), sporting events/practices (49 percent) and band concert/musical performance (45 percent).

Eggs Beat Other Breakfast Foods: More than half of all moms and teachers (57 percent) think eggs are “the best breakfast for important days,” making eggs more than twice as popular as other breakfast items, such as oatmeal (22 percent), cold cereal (4 percent) and waffles (2 percent), combined.

Less is Not More When it Comes to a Breakfast of Eggs: More than four out of five moms (83 percent) and three out of four teachers (74 percent) agree that more kids should start their day with eggs.

Eggs Help Kids Rise and Keep Shining: More than 1 in 3 moms and teachers notice that, when their kids or students eat eggs for breakfast, they feel more energetic, are more mentally alert and they don’t feel hungry until lunch.

Convenience Already in the Kitchen: Despite the fact that microwaves can be an incredible time-saver during hectic mornings, two-thirds of moms (66 percent) say they never use a microwave to cook eggs.

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