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National Egg Products School kicks off in September

Continuing Education Course for Food Formulators

Park Ridge, IL – July 29, 2014—National Egg Products School is a three-day, hands-on course for food formulators, which explores the incredibly functional egg and its role in food product development. Held every other year at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, this year’s program will run from September 15 to 17. 
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REAL Eggs: The Perfect Protein for Functionality, Flavor and Familiarity

Flavor and Functionality Combined into One Protein Packed Ingredient

Park Ridge, IL – June 22, 2014—Protein used to occupy its quiet slot on the Nutrition Facts panel with little notice from the average consumer. Today it’s muscled its way to the package front and is no longer the sole province of weight lifters and professional athletes. Multiple studies confirm consumers are sold on protein-fortified foods and the benefits protein supplies to a healthy diet. Read full story ...  

Protein Choices Linked to Health Concerns

Eggs are a Familiar Protein Option

Park Ridge, IL – April 4, 2014—Protein has never been more popular. Mintel reports protein claims in 2013 for new products were three times higher in the U.S. than any other country. Research results from NPD Group and IFIC all show increased consumer interest and desire for protein in their daily diets, yet NPD further reported, based on its December 2013 survey, that half of consumers prefer meatless protein choices citing fat, calories and pricing as a concern. Read full story ...  

Eggs Bring Clarity to Snack Labeling

Functional, Simple and Nutritious, Egg Ingredients Set Tone for Transparent Labels

Park Ridge, IL – March 5, 2014—Any time, any form, anywhere, Americans increasingly turn to snacks to satisfy food cravings or substitute for traditional meals. According to a Hartman Group study, we snack an average of 2.3 times per day and more than half of consumers say it is important for the foods and beverages we consume as snacks to be healthy. Read the full story ...

Egg Ingredients Never More Popular

American Egg Board/Mintel GNPD Data Marks Impressive Increase

Park Ridge, IL – March 5, 2014—The incredible, edible egg is incredibly popular with formulators, according to new product releases tracked by Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD). New product introductions including egg ingredients were up 35 percent in 2013 compared to 2012. The American Egg Board notes most product categories posted record numbers compared to figures compiled for each year previous dating back to 2008. Read the full story ...  

Landmark Egg Production Study Reveals Reduction in Environmental Impact Over the Past 50 Years

Today's egg production is more efficient than previous decades and leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

PARK RIDGE, IL – Oct. 30, 2013—The Egg Industry Center released a landmark study that shows that while the U.S. egg production has increased over the past 50 years, the industry has also been able to significantly decrease its environmental footprint. Read the full story ...

"The Egg & Clean Label"

New white paper from American Egg Board.

CHICAGO – Sept. 17, 2013—Today the American Egg Board announced the release of its latest white paper - “The Egg & Clean Labeling.” The white paper explores the importance and relevance of eggs in today’s clean label marketplace. Read the full story ...


With Dr. Shelly McKee

  • Egg Science & Tech Talk Overview

    0:13 American Egg Board expert Shelly McKee, Ph.D., invites you to learn more about egg functionality.


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