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Time and again, egg products have proven their versatility and multi-functionality in both regular and specialty foods, no more so than in gluten-free formulations, a growing product category that serves people with celiac disease.

The celiac consumer is more educated than your average consumer in terms of reading labels. They have had to deal with so much in their bodies they are aware of product sourcing and ingredient lists far more than your average consumer.

Protein from egg products performs superbly in gluten-free formulations. Egg protein is easily digestible and provides essential functional and nutritional properties helping food formulators develop products for those with a low tolerance for gluten. Eggs maintain the profile, structure and taste of gluten-free foods while helping to develop a clean label.

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Product Spotlight

Cheese PizzaGeorge Chookazian focuses on one primary goal – to create high-quality gluten-free foods that duplicate their wheat-based counterparts. Foods By George, LLC, in Mahwah, New Jersey, operates in a 100% wheat-free, gluten-free facility to provide an authentic taste experience for its client base; customers with celiac disease who must avoid foods containing gluten.

The Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza features a light, crispy crust topped with homemade sauce and piled high with low-fat mozzarella cheese for a true palate pleaser. With its emphasis on natural ingredients, the company uses only pure, pasteurized liquid egg whites or whole eggs. On the production floor, this translates into a tight tolerance for error and exacting quality controls and specifications.

The payoff can be sweet... or savory. In addition to a growing business featuring a variety of cakes, muffins and brownies, the company is winning accolades for its pizza, including Best New Product at the Natural Products Expo East in 2005. Egg whites help create structure, moisture, emulsification and flavor for a crispy pizza crust that isn't grainy or doughy.

According to Chookazian, “Give the customer what they want, make it taste good and make it available.” And make it with all-natural ingredients like eggs.

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