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Incredible Breakfast Trends

Mom always said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” And just about every authority from your local physician to nationally recognized health and wellness experts agree! But breakfast comes in a lot of shapes, sizes, ethnicities, flavors, locations, etc… So what’s hot? What’s emerging? What’s edgy? The folks who bring you the most popular breakfast ingredient ever – the incredible edible egg! – happen to have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening at breakfasts all over America.

On the links below you’ll find interesting trends that will help you generate great ideas to make your breakfast, or breakfast products, a tasty success. And maybe it’ll spark the next big idea for your culinary team that gets featured here on American Egg Board’s “Incredible Breakfast Trends.”

Eggs remain one of nature’s most perfect foods – and used as a functional ingredient, they improve other foods as well! In addition to contributing more than 20 functional properties, eggs possess unique functionalities and attributes unequaled by any single egg alternative.

Incredible Breakfast Megatrend - Breakfast Influencers

Our latest Incredible Breakfast Trend is Breakfast Influencers. Today’s Breakfast Influencers are inspiring the most creativity in the morning daypart. So take a look at who’s scrambling to make breakfast a profitable endeavor via food trucks. And then check out the strong and growing impact of Latin and Asian cuisines on breakfast fare.

Trend 1: Food Trucks roll out edgy creativity

One growing category of food trucks is devoted specifically to the breakfast daypart and entrants into this area are defining their businesses with diverse types of offerings.
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Trend 2: East meets West for breakfast

This year’s National Restaurant Association survey of American Culinary Federation chefs showed ethnic-inspired breakfast items were still among the top “hot” U.S. food trends. And Latin foods are unquestionably the No. 1 type of ethnic food Americans eat.
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Trend 3: Latin influences spice up morning repast

In its annual survey of American Culinary Federation chefs, the National Restaurant Association found ethnic-inspired breakfast items were among the top 20 “hot” food trends at U.S. restaurants for the second year in a row.
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