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Egg Products In The News

Eggscellent news about the functionality of egg products is frequently written in food manufacturing trade publications. Additionally, egg nutrition information is provided that really defines the eggceptional nature of egg products. AEB also develops single focused supplements which explain information relevant to food formulators.


Food, October 29, 2013

The proteins in a formulation can drastically impact the quality and texture of gluten-free baked goods and therefore must be selected wisely, suggest researchers.


Food Technology, Ingredients Set Foundation for Product Development, September 2013

Eggs may improve gluten-free foods.


Prepared Foods, Breaking (Braking?) for Breakfast, August 2013

While eggs continue to appear in the center of the breakfast plate, they also have a traditional role as an ingredient in other breakfast foods.


Prepared Foods, Appetite for Ethnic Adventure, Health, August 2013

Many on-trend desserts rely on eggs to impart functional benefits to deliver quality that consumers expect..


Food Product Design, The Sunny Side of Egg Protein, May/June 2013

Eggs are a high-quality, protein-dense source providing a high amount of protein per calorie.


Food Product Design, Egg-stra Egg-stra--Read All About It!, March/April 2013

Egg-ceptional functional benefits from egg-ceptional ingredients.


Prepared Foods, Egg Whites and Blood Pressure, April 2013

A component of egg whites may have another beneficial effect in reducing blood pressure.


Prepared Foods, The Art of Weight Management, December 2012

Prepared Foods Annual R&D Trends Report “Weight Management Formulation” evaluates current attitudes towards weight control and weight management ingredients.


Food Technology, The Rise of Gluten-Free, December 2012

Eggs perform superbly in gluten-free foods with a functional and nutritional profile that helps these specialty foods retain a ‘normal’ profile, structure and taste.


Food Technology, Weighing the Issues, November 2012

Lean protein, like eggs, can offer a feeling of fullness as well as aid in lean muscle synthesis and maintenance.


Food Technology, Mapping Out New Territories for Texture, October 2012

Egg ingredients offer 20-plus functions many of which impact mouthfeel and texture.


Food Product Design, Giving Desserts the Gourmet Treatment, August 2012

Egg ingredients help convey the perception of a natural, upscale gourmet dessert.


Food Product Design, Naturally Nutritious, March 2012

Egg products give baked goods a naturally nutritious profile.


Baking & Snack, Keeping Breakfast in Balance, February 2012

Consumers are looking for convenient, portable and healthy breakfast options.


Food Product Design, Asian Sauces – Adapting Authenticity, February 2012

An examination of the traditional uses for common Asian sauces can provide a springboard for innovation and experimentation.


Food Product Design, Innovation in Pasta, February 2012

Eggs, added at 2% to 7%, can enhance pasta firmness and act as a strengthening agent.


Food Technology, Buying in to Breakfast, February 2012

Breakfast is expected to be one of the fastest growing eating occasions between 2010 and 2018.


Prepared Foods, Success in Beverage, January 2012

For sport beverages, the addition of protein may also decrease post-exercise muscle soreness and
enhance muscle protein synthesis.


Food Technology, The Power of Protein, January 2012

Consumers are looking to increase protein and eggs are an excellent source.