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Egg Product Research

eggs-solutionsThe American Egg Board produces and funds research specifically related to the functional and nutritional aspects of egg products.  Researchers from around the world contribute their knowledge and learning to provide food formulators with the most up-to-date information possible.

Our goal is to make our research easy to use.  Simply hover over the title of each research study for a quick look at what each study covers.  Additionally, you can use our search feature to find what you're looking for, either functionality or health and nutrition research.  To further assist you, we have provided links to more research that we feel is pertinent.

Health & Nutrition Research

  • Baked Egg Improves Tolerance in Egg Allergenic Children (08/12) / pdf
  • Oral Immunotherapy for Treatment of Egg Allergy in Children (07/12) / pdf
  • Effect of Processing, Storage and Cooking on Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Lutein and Choline (1/10) / pdf
  • Factors Affecting the Content of Trans Fats in Eggs (03/09) / pdf


ENC is a credible source of nutrition and health science information and the acknowledged leader in research and education related to eggs. CLICK for more information on eggs and nutrition.

Functionality Research

  • Moisture-induced Quality Changes of Hen Egg White Proteins in a Protein/Water Model System (9/12) / pdf
  • Kinetics of Egg Protein Gelation During Conventional and Rapid Heating (12/11) / pdf
  • Egg Yolk Phosvitin and Functional Phosphopeptides (8/11) / pdf
  • Effect of Yolk Contamination, Shearing, and Heating on Foaming Properties of Egg White (9/09) / pdf

Egg Safety Research

    • Application of Biological and Molecular Techniques to the Diagnosis and Control of Avian Influenza and other Emerging Pathogens / pdf / link to ARS Research
    • Validation of SSOPs Used in the Egg Industry and Developing an Online Egg HACCP Training Course (10/09) / pdf / Link to Egg HACCP Program
  • Thermal Inactivation of High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Virus in Dried Egg White (09/08) / pdf

Articles of Interest 

  • Egg Products Are Safe Products / pdf


  • Ability of Hemin-binding Antibodies From Egg to Inhibit Lipid Oxidation in Muscle Foods (10/07) / pdf
  • Rapid Test Kit for Yolk Contamination in Egg White Using Thin Film Chemistry (12/06) / pdf
  • Functionality of Egg and Egg Alternatives in Selected Food Systems (11/05) / pdf
  • Acid and Alkali Unfolding and Refolding Strategies to Improve the Foaming Properties of Egg White Proteins (11/05) / pdf

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