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Product Equivalency / Conversion Factors

When nutrient factors are available for any one form of egg — shell, refrigerated liquid/frozen, or dried eggs — the other two can be estimated. Tables 1 and 2 show conversion factors for estimating the amount of nutrients in either whole, white, or yolk when two are known.

Table 1 — Conversion factors for estimating nutrient components in shell eggs and dehydrated eggs from liquid/frozen product data.*

Multiply nutrient values for liquid/frozen products by:

To convert to: whole white yolk
Dehydrated 3.95 7.75 2.21
Shell Egg .55 .38 .17

Table 2 - Equations for estimating amount of nutrients in whole, white, or yolk when two are known.*

Shell Egg WE = EW + EY(1)
(pure yolk)
Liquid/frozen WE = .61 EW + .39 EY
(commercial yolk)
Dehydrated WE = .69 + EW + .31 EY(2)
(pure yolk)
(1) Commercial Yolk contains 44% solids
(2) Pure Yolk contains 51.8% solids
(*) From Cotterill and Glauert, 1979