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February 20, 2012


Written by AEB Food Manufacturer Team

Occasionally we receive phone calls from  food formulators asking about the safety of egg products.   In 1970, Congress passed the Egg Products Inspection Act Actually, which requires that all egg products distributed for consumption be pasteurized to destroy Salmonella.   In the past 40 years there have been no recorded outbreaks of salmonellosis linked to pasteurized egg.

This safety record is especially impressive considering the volume of eggs consumed in this country. Of the more than 76 billion eggs eaten annually, slightly more than 30% are in the form of egg products, further processed into either a liquid, frozen or dried form.

Creating appealing food products with great taste is a challenge enough. Exceed your expectations and take the worry about safety out of your formulation concerns with real egg products. For more information about the wide variety of pasteurized, further processed egg products, contact American Egg Board, 1-800-488-6143 or 847-296-7043, or visit

Click to read our Egg Safety press release.

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