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March 26, 2010


Written by AEB Food Manufacturer Team

Comfort foods are part of a larger trend that sees Americans returning to the basics. They’re eating at home more. The web site conducted its Annual Food Trend Forecast at the end of 2008 and 80 percent of respondents said they plan to cook at home more in 2009 to help manage food budgets while 61 percent reported eating out less in 2008.

The Food Marketing Institute’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2008 reports 71 percent of consumers polled say they’re eating more leftovers. 

The good news is that although consumers might be searching for ways to spend money more wisely, they are still stocking the pantry. Consumers still need prepared food solutions to make meal preparation easier. One answer for food formulators navigating the tricky waters of supplying comfort foods on a budget is using the egg as an ingredient.  Processors have reduced the functional difference between frozen liquid and dried eggs so preference today is dictated in terms of end-user requirements. Liquid eggs, for example, are especially convenient for the fast food industry as interest in hand-held breakfast sandwiches continues in popularity.

 Dried eggs offer prepared food manufacturers the advantages of shelf-stability and easier storage. Dried egg ingredients provide the functional and nutritional benefits without the added liquid some formulations don’t require.

 To learn more, visit Comfort in Eggs

March 4, 2010


Written by AEB Food Manufacturer Team

We recently launched our revised food manufacturers’ website and we believe it will help you, the product developer, learn more about the 20+ functions of egg products in a variety of applications.  Versatile real egg products offer a wide array of functionality, including coagulation, emulsification, foaming and crystallization control.

There’s also a lot of great information about the different types of egg products, complete with a Buyers’ Guide for easy access to the suppliers of these products.  In our “Nutrition and Trends” area, we have articles on protein, satiety, gluten-free, comfort foods, all supported by white papers.  We have a comprehensive area on processing, handling, storage, and a variety of useful specifications.  Egg products will help you in meeting your diverse formulation requirements, while helping to provide clean labels you seek and your consumers’ desire, naturally.

If you like what you see, let us know.  If there’s more information you’d like us to provide, we can do that too.